Песня  Время и Стекло - Harmonica

Время и Стекло Harmonica

Длительность: 03:04

Тип файла: mp3

Размер файла: 7.02 МБ

Битрейт: 320 кбит/сек

Boy, you think you’re so slick, dont’cha?
You think that I would never get a clue
About a silly trick that you’re dancin’ with
Should’ve known that I was way too much for you

DJ, play electronica
I wanna hear that sick harmonica

An’ I don’t
An’ I don’t give a fuck
About your romancin’
So let’s keep dancin’

Girl, you think you’re so special, dont’cha?
Like I can’t find no one to take your place
Silly-silicone, easy come, easy go
Now you can get the fuck up out of my face

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