Песня  Сергей Жуков - Непутёвая

Сергей Жуков Непутёвая

Длительность: 03:51

Тип файла: mp3

Размер файла: 8.84 МБ

Битрейт: 320 кбит/сек

She wanna ride with the star (Star)
Ended up droppin' my top, okay
My ex told me she needed space (Space)
I guess we both goin' to Mars, okay
I cannot forget the base
I'm takin' my mop on my dates, okay
Just look at the look on their faces
They wanna jump in my place, okay
Told shorty she was the one (The one, han)
But I'm takin' her friends after ten, okay
I told 'em to load up the dock
But they wanna ride in my Benz, okay
One of one, this a new Cullinan (Skrr)
No tellin' what I'ma spend, okay (Spend, okay)
Ain't countin' up no more dubs again (No)
Only fu*kin' with the Benjamins, okay (Han, han, han)

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