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Битрейт: 320 кбит/сек

Run around like I’m hot shit in the mosh pit
Met a goth bitch, now she’s fucking sucking on my rocket
Everyone’s the same, all you lames better stop it
Flyer than a plane and my brain is the cockpit
Heart too full, bitch, it’s nothing like my pockets
Trapped inside a heart-shaped box and I’ma lock it

Prove ‘em wrong, who the fuck they gonna doubt now?
About to take off, where’s my motherfucking countdown?
I’ll be getting what I wanted, been rewarded
I’ma stay in my own lane until the day I’m in a coffin
After that I’ll stick around, the underground becoming haunted
I’ve been loving what I got and if I got it I’ma flaunt it
Dumb shit you’ve been buying with your cash flow
You’d be better off fucking wiping up your asshole
Going dummy with your money, ain’t shit funny
There are people in the world, they’re fucking dying, going hungry
You could spare a couple dollars till their tummies looking chubby
I’ll be giving fucking lectures like professors acting nutty

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