Aryan Shah Renegade (speed up)

Длительность: 03:03

Тип файла: mp3

Размер файла: 5.58 МБ

Битрейт: 256 кбит/сек

Keep your hands right there
I popped two more, she's in my mind somewhere
Won't let my mind go there
I took too much, don't let me drive nowhere, oh
Keep your eyes on mine
And if you want I'll tell you lies
Tell you I'm yours for life
And tell your friend she's next in line

Ohh, should've listened to them
Ohh, don't you know what I am?
Ohh, didn't you listen to them?
Ohh, don't you know what I am?

Keep the drugs real close
One more line before I overdose
And no one ever knows
She's on my mind when I'm on yours

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