Песня  140 ударов в минуту - Знай!

140 ударов в минуту Знай!

Длительность: 03:34

Тип файла: mp3

Размер файла: 8.20 МБ

Битрейт: 320 кбит/сек

Wooh, wolf cry
It's Top, nigga
Yeah, you already know
Oh, look, huh
Young nigga up all night writin' songs, tryna make it out
Tell 'em keep that gun from out his hands, that ain't safe
I don't feel secure, I need protection and a safer route
So loose, I smoke leaf but, man, I'm focused on my paper
Wolf cry, young nigga tryna make a song, he up all night
I don't think these people understand when a wolf cry
Walkin' with that shovel in his hand, he a grave digger
Make a pussy-nigga shit his pants when a wolf cry
I am not playin', when I flash ask the gods 'bout me
Tear it down with a nigga or I make his ass check out
I got the plan, niggas mad 'bout it
Try and fight me with his hands, and he gon' die
Nigga try and slime and he gon' gеt it, huh
Bitches sneakin' 'round on a nigga all through the night
I'm a gang mеmber and I'm still with it (Huh)
Tell a pussy nigga kill me right now
Wolf cry, sat up in my face like Mandela, nigga
Pull up on my children like I'm Santa, nigga, wolf cry
Motherfu*k your hand, I ain't lovin', nigga
Tell them niggas, I'm a man, business handled, nigga, fu*k y'all
I'ma make it better if I can, huh
I done did months inside that can, nigga
These niggas speak on me and I ain't ran witH 'em
I don't understand it, no
That's a wolf cry, they ain't never seen a wolf cry
[?], don't break on 'em

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