Ән  STAYC - Bubble (English Ver.)

STAYC Bubble (English Ver.)

Уақыт: 02:59

Файл түрі: mp3

Файл өлшемі: 6.84 МБ

Битрейт: 320 кбит/сек

Check it out now
S-T-A-Y-C, go

Iffy, yo, iffy, yeah
I'm feeling some type of way
I'm too this, I'm too that
Whatever you say I am
Where you at? ETA
I don't even gotta wait
Listen up listen up
I just wanna be myself

Let 'em talk, let 'em hate
I don't care, I'm not afraid
You know, I know
They just gonna fade away
Let it go, elevate
Everyday I make my way
Can't nobody take away my love

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