Ән  Шпильки - Маленькая штучка

Шпильки Маленькая штучка

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I was twenty days clean yesterday
I get a key ring if I make it through to May
Can we talk? Is that okay?
If you've got time, I know a place
A rose garden in the North side of the park
They shut the gates about an hour after dark
We could walk there, we can laugh
Ain't it funny how owners look like their dogs?

Oh, I'll claw back my confidence
You'll say, "Do you think we can be friends?"

Oh, maybe we have reached the end
Oh, maybe we have reached the end

Do you remember when Taylor Hawkins died?
Did you see his son playin' the drums live?
It made me sad, did it make you cry?
I thought of you, I don't know why

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