ArrDee One Direction ft. Bugzy Malone

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I got bare mans gyal in my section
Been on me from high school, I was coming like Zac Efron
She love the gang, fucking with Louis but we ain't One Direction
Hold on wait, there's not enough space
We're picking out babes at random
If she wanna stay, come to the mansion
Make that shake, Megan Thee Stallion

I’ll take mans gyal
She makes you go down when I ain’t pulled out
The things gyal's do for the clout
Like Flying Dubai, to put shh in their mouth
I don’t think I'd ever want a daughter, serious
You got jokes if you think you can G with the big boys
Comedians, stay clear of us
Eddie Murphy mandem, dеlirious
We don’t ever gеt no down time, lit lit
Why you think I’m always outside
Big dick she can’t fit in her mouth right
And she shocked cause' my heights so down sized
You know what they say
Big things, small packages
Little me don’t ever miss
You would think I’d behave cause' I’m rich
But I’m still taking the piss, ya' dig